What is TAG: The Mobile Assassination Game?

TAG: The Mobile Assassination Game, inspired by the 1982 cult movie Tag, lives within the crosshairs of social-gaming, location-based services, and good ol' competitiveness. A unique combination of offline gaming and cutting edge mobile technology, Players track the location of their assigned Target to get close enough to snap a camera photo or "TAGShot."

Game Host-approved TAGShots eliminate the "tagged" Player from the game, and their Target is reassigned. Each player’s strategy is informed by the game’s complete integration with social networking and location-based services like foursquare and facebook. TAGShots can also be shared via Twitter and facebook for bragging rights!

Game play options are endless! Bring conference attendees together, team-building for your company, orient to your college environment, or just play for fun with your friends!

TAG: The Mobile Assassination game is a product of viaPlace.

How to Play?

TAG: The Mobile Assassination Game is an elimination game that you can play with your friends using your mobile device and social networking accounts.

  1. Download TAG: The Mobile Assassination Game from the Apple AppStore
  2. Sign in using your foursquare account
  3. Accept a game invitation or host a game and invite your friends
  4. Get assigned a Target
  5. Check into your physical locations using foursquare
  6. Track your Target’s whereabouts as they check into their physical locations
  7. Capture your Target by submitting a TAGShot , a photo snapped with your mobile device’s camera, to the game’s Host
  8. If approved, you’ll be assigned a new target to hunt
  9. Be the last Player to be tagged and you win!


Gameplay has a time limit, so don’t wait too long to check into your location or you’ll be timed out and have to forfeit the current game! Moderators can set a "SafeTime" when creating a new game. This will be a period of time when all players are safe from being tagged or having to check into their location.


TAGShots can be shared via twitter and Facebook.